Who is Uptown Downtown Photo, Video &More?

Uptown Downtown Photo, Video &More started with two people, Heather & myself Nicholas, only a few years ago. In our living-room as we waited for our daughter Izabella to be born, we took all that inspired us in art & technology to create what would become our families new life. The most rewarding aspect of this journey has been making our own memories with every family we have had the privilege to work with. Agreed, the money keeps the lights on but we both agreed that we would only work for our passions; staying close to each other and enjoying every moment. Both of us being techie artists, we love playing with new gear whether that is a new lens, a new printer for our Photo Booth, the fully digital DJ system, touch screen monitors, HD cameras, custom printed USB sticks and the list goes on. Honestly, we could not ask for a better way to live our lives as we are with everyone on their happiest day.

No CEOs or Stockholders. Uptown Downtown is a small business, run by the family it supports.

Heather & I represent all walks of life from Uptown to Downtown, so yes, that is where the name originated; we respect all love and we would love to be apart of your day. Uptown Downtown will provide all walks of life the opportunity to experience the joy of reliving the moments in their life that matter most. With over twenty years combined experience in photography, media, and design rest assure that your event will be memorable. Our goal is simple – to share, enjoy and capture your moment leaving a memory that will last a lifetime. If you like what you see, we are just a click, call or text away.

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