Ebony + Tommy’s

Vintage-Travel Inspired Elegant Wedding

 Danville in Geneva, FL

Their love story started in eigth grade, when Ebony Lopez first met Tommy Cauley in the days when love & marriage were snickered about within school bus seats. Through all the years of friendship and trust, a bond grew between our couple that would eventually turn into forever. As the years passed, Ebony & Tommy held true to that connection, staying close friends throughout high-school. College presented new experiences each differing for our couple as so much seven years passed before they reconnected;pilot school, world travel and graduating college marked new experiences to share when they would reconnect. With their growing love, only a fairy tale proposal could highlight their adventure with the perfect touch up high on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Reflected within the Reception décor, these moments are the special touches and accents that can be seen with vintage bird cages, suitcases & globes that guided their guests through the story of love they have been lucky to share with each other.Experiencing & capturing their story has been a delight & pleasure, and with such kind words from Ebony I believe the feeling is mutual. ‘You warm my heart!!!! Tommy & I will be writing our amazing reviews for you and all the vendors this weekend as we couldn’t be more grateful on how it all turned out and just an absolute pleasure to work with. Must let other brides know amazing you are!!!’ Ebony Cauley.

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